Looking for Work?

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
In need of a job? Why not join the team over at Xbox? Major Nelson recently announced over on his blog that they are hiring for a variety of positions.

We have quite a few positions open in many areas of our business. You can work on the hardware side of Xbox 360, help make Xbox LIVE even better or work on our developer tools in XNA. Like PC Gaming? We’ve got that covered to with Games for Windows. You like games right? Maybe you have the skills to help Microsoft Games Studios make the next great games. Can’t wait to get your hands on Project Natal? We’ve got openings on that team as well. We’ve got variety of creative and technical positions open at locations around the world. Check ‘em out. You never know where it may lead.
Take a look at the available jobs over at http://www.microsoft-entertainment-jobs.com/?utm_source=Majo... . Please note that these jobs are only available in the United States.

Sadly, they are not in need of a geologist at this time... but if anyone does need a geologist, there is always dropK1CK ninJA . I hear he really likes rocks!

Is anyone realistically interested that hasn't already read this news? If anyone gets a job over there because of me, I expect some sort of repayment!
Credit for this story goes to N0RVY