Guardians of Middle Earth Battle Profile Trailer

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago

Thus far we have seen the battle profiles for Gandalf and Gollum as well as the battle profiles for Galadriel and Uglúk. Now, the developers over at Monolith Productions have just released two more battle profiles for Legolas and Witch-king, both of which you can see in the video below.

Furthermore, you can read the character profile bios below for more information on Legolas and the Witch-king along with Guardians Arathorn and Runsig.

Character Bio

Arathorn Bio:
Father of Aragorn Elessar, Arathorn is a proud Chieftain of the Dunedain, and a descendent of Isildur himself. Arathorn’s father Arador was slain by Trolls, and so Arathorn has a particular repugnance for those creatures of evil. Using the tracking skills of a Ranger of the North, Arathorn stalked the Troll responsible for the deadly blow to a cliff above the windswept Ettenmoors, and singlehandedly slew it after a brutal fight. Deeds like this have earned Arathorn the respect of his proud people and camaraderie of the twin sons of Elrond, Elrohir and Elladan.

Arathorn Gameplay Abilities:
Staggering Shot: Ranged attacked with Ability Damage and Stun
Chieftain's Focus: Damages Guardian or Creature, increases own Attack Speed
Dúnedain Blade: Area attack that Damages and Slows Enemies
Ranger's Strike: Damages and Slows Enemies, enter Stealth

Arathorn Class:
• Warrior

Character Bio

Legolas Bio:
Son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Ream, and a Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas is a Wood-elf with pedigree to match his immense talents with a bow. As is the case with most Elves, Legolas is confident yet not boastful, and humble about his abilities despite how often they prove to be of great use to his comrades. With keen vision and great strength, Legolas is a prized scout and formidable archer. In a pinch, Legolas is able to quickly close on enemies and dispatch them with his sharp Elven swords. However he’s utilized, his quick feet are an asset valued by friends and feared by his foes.

Legolas Gameplay Abilities:
Greenwood Blades: Damages, Roots and Slows enemies in close range
Woodland Shot: Range attack causing Ability Damage, Slow
Silvan Agility: Teleport, Invisibility, Increases Move Speed
Elven Onslaught: Knockback, Ability Damage, reduces Resistances

Legolas Class:
• Striker

Character Bio

Runsig Bio:
Captured as a youth in the wilds of the North while his family was slaughtered by evil forces, Runsig was put to work inside the foul mines of Angmar. He learned all he could about explosives, hoping to escape the mines. In time, Runsig earned the trust of his captors and was apprenticed to the chief siege-engineer of the armies of Angmar. Runsig grew evil with this increased power and happily turned his back on his former people. Now fully committed to the Angmarim, Runsig was soon promoted to the rank of Captain in the service of the Witch-king.

Runsig Gameplay Abilities:
Catapult of Angmar: Catapult with increasing range, damage, Health
Unbending: Creates Shields for Allies and Structures
Forceful Call: Increases Movement Speed and Health for nearby Allies
March of the Northmen: Speed increases for Allies and Structures

Runsig Class:
• Tactician

Witch-king of Angmar
Character Bio

Witch-king Bio:
At the right hand of the Dark Lord is the Witch-king of Angmar, foremost among the Ringwraiths and Sauron’s strongest ally. Once a great king who was ensnared completely by Sauron, his corporeal form has been transformed by his Ring into that of a Nazgûl, visible in strong light as only a vague shadow. Inspiring dread among all mortal enemies, few can hold their ground when the Black Captain who commands the hosts of Mordor draws near. His obsession with seeking the One Ring is his all-consuming purpose; pity the creature that stands between the Witch-king and his quarry.

Witch-king Gameplay Abilities:
Malice: Causes Damage in area and improves next attack
Despair: Slows a targeted Enemy and nearby Enemies
Darkness: Taunts an Enemy and Reflects Damage
Death: Causes Damage and reduces Enemy Healing

Witch-king Class:
• Defender
There are many ways to play, choose your Guardian wisely. Guardians of Middle-Earth will be released this fall.
Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR