BioWare Announces The Cerberus Network

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
BioWare recently announced an in-game platform to handle all your downloadable content needs for Mass Effect 2. The Cerberus Network will allow BioWare to distribute all of its free downloadable content directly to the player, circumventing the Xbox Live Marketplace. The new service will be free to those that buy the game new from retailers, but those second hand buyers will need to purchase a one-time download code from BioWare to access The Network.

The Cerberus Network will have one package to download at launch and a second one coming shortly after. The first package will contain extra missions and a new playable character named Zaeed. Package number two will also provide players with more extra missions, but will also be bundled with a new shotgun, Cerberus armor set, and a new in-game vehicle called the Hammerhead.

In the future, BioWare will offer priced downloadable content. That DLC will be handled by the Xbox Live Marketplace and not The Cerberus Network. No details on future priced DLC.