Two More Dead or Alive 5 Characters Confirmed

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Team Ninja has confirmed another two characters who are set to return to the Dead or Alive franchise in the latest iteration, Dead or Alive 5. Eliot and Brad Wong will be re-joining other fans' favourites in the upcoming game's roster, including the likes of Ayane, Hitomi, Christie, Bayman, Zack and Lei-Fang. Furthermore, Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki and Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa are going to be getting the crossover treatment.

Details of the latest recruits can be found below, with a brief description of each fighter and an accompanying image.


Referred to as the “immovable apprentice,” Eliot is a Xing Yi Quan prodigy under the tutelage of master Gen Fu. The youngest contestant in the DOA tournament, Eliot has a polite and respectful attitude toward his rivals but can be very aggressive and impatient during a fight. Fast on his feet, he uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power, overwhelming his opponents while simultaneously defending and attacking

Brad Wong

Brad Wong, having concluded his search for the legendary wine Genra, returns to Dead or Alive 5 with his unique fighting style. The “Druken Master” continues to exhibit the distinct moves of Zui Quan, confusing his opponents with his well-balanced style that employs a combination of hard-to-predict evasive maneuvers and quick strikes

You'll have the choice between life or death when Dead or Alive 5 arrives on September 25th in North America and September 28th in Europe.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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