The 'Come Up With A Contest' Contest Winners!

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
It has been almost a week and a half since's[1] first prize-awarding contest was announced... and I can't remember the last time I slept!

The judges have been hard at work pissing me off judging all the great ideas submitted by all the members of the site who decided to take part, and let me just tell you... it was a hard process. Over a hundred ideas were submitted via PM. Lots of copying and pasting was involved, double-checking to make sure all ideas were submitted, making sure they all made it through in their entirety... quite a process!

For those who are curious, all entries were submitted to each judge individually with gamertags and any sort of signatures or identity giveaways removed. None of the judges knew of any other judge during the process, there were three rounds of elimination, and the decision making on their parts was tough.

In the end, we narrowed it down to just three winners. You can scroll down to the bottom now to see if you've won, but what fun is that?

I'd first like to highlight some of the many common ideas submitted: caption contests, TA score competitions, gamerscore competitions, essay submissions, and many more I will likely remember and edit to this spot when reminded of such by the judges. A lot of you guys had very similar ideas, and we'll be sure to take this trend into account when running contests in the future. In addition to this, if you feel like any of your ideas were close to the winners' ideas, we took time of submission and detail into account.

With that said, shall we begin?

Our third place winner describes his ideas as, "a wild goose chase scavenger hunt of sorts," and really... I couldn't think of a better way to describe it. To directly quote the winner:

W1LLYMAN said:
TA users would be given riddles or other clues and asked to find the answer among the pages of the site. Clues can potentially lead to answers that are achievements, games, or even specific TA users!

Depending on the planned duration of the contest, clues can be posted in set intervals (ie. a new clue every hour/day) or all at once. It could even be something that is ongoing and held every week/month.
In second place comes a contest idea that involves hyping an imaginary game, with members who take part acting as PR managers trying to advertise and market the game.

Toast gravy said:
Basically the contest revolves around creating and, more or less, 'hyping' a game you just made up.

What I'm saying is put them on a one paragraph limit (Say, 5-10 sentences but that's up to you) per each category they hype the game based on. Be it art direction, combat, story, combat, length, puzzles, customization, weapons, environment, etc. so forth.

Really, it isn't a hard contest. It just revolves around pretending you're a PR manager and you're trying to convince people to get interested in your game and spread it. Everyone has opinions on what is great and what isn't.
In first place, a shockingly simple and very popular idea which is best described with the following quote:

Major Zilly said:
A contest for Real Life Achivements, like my favorite,

"Wife at Work, Kids in Bed, XBox on." (25G)
Congratulations to our contest winners who will receive a marketplace code for a copy of Trials HD ! To recap, the prize will be awarded to:

Toast gravy
Major Zilly

There were many other awesome submissions that deserve an honorable mention:

- From Chiken Biscuit , a guessing contest to see how many achievements will be unlocked by our users on a given day.

- From EvilMonkeyByte , a similar achievement-creation contest to our first place winner that involves listing achievements for existing games that were not included that would be fun or tough to get.

- Not to take sides here, but my personal favorite is the idea submitted by crooksey99 which involves an avatar fashion show, which is a clever way to make those clothes you buy pay off!

- From AndyLSimmons , an idea that I can't mention because it would spoil the immense fun, but will most likely be seen soon enough!

I'd like like to thank everyone who entered our first contest, everyone who continues to support the site and make it grow into an entity that allows stuff like this to happen, and the judges, who will remain anonymous but know who they are. They did it for no benefit whatsoever, put in many more hours of work than I could have asked, and really did a great job.

If you didn't win, don't fret. There will be other contests (some of the ones above!) that will really push your creativity to the limits, so keep your eyes peeled!

[1] - Happy, Chris?