NHL 13 Demo Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The latest instalment in the line of EA's ice hockey games will be receiving a demo next week. Four different modes from https://www.trueachievements.com/NHL-13-xbox-360.htm will be made available: Play Now, NHL Moments Live, Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and Free Skate.

Play Now will allow players to take on the role of the Los Angeles Kings or the New Jersey Devils during the third period. The period starts with a completely randomised score every time that a player starts up the mode, so the player's situation will not always be the same. The new 'True Broadcast' camera will be introduced in an attempt to deliver a realistic hockey broadcast presentation.

15/8/12 Demo screen 2

The new NHL Moments Live mode will give players the chance to relive some of the most memorable moments from the NHL. The demo features the overtime showdown of Game Five of the Western Conference Final, played out between the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes. Each moment will be introduced by footage from the real-life event. Completing this moment will award players with a HUT Item Pack. Players will be able to earn up to three HUT Item packs that can be used in the full version of the game when it is released next month; carry on reading for further details of the other two.

15/8/12 Demo screen 3

The Hockey Ultimate Team feature shows off the altered design, improvements to the reward system and the new format for the playoffs. Entering HUT in the demo will award the second of the three HUT Item Packs that players can carry into the full game. This pack can be upgraded though. Players need to unlock the starter pack and play in a tournament. Beating Team USA and winning the tournament will award players with the upgraded HUT Pack.

15/8/12 Demo screen 1

The final mode, Free Skate, allows players to practice and hone their skills. In preparation for this, EA has released a tutorial video for True Performance Skating.

You may be wondering where the third HUT Pack comes in? Well, if you invite a friend to download the NHL 13 demo, you will be rewarded with the third and final HUT Pack. The demo will be hitting Xbox LIVE on August 21st.

NHL 13 is due to be released on September 11th in North America and September 14th in Europe.
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Written by Rebecca Smith
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