Gamescom 2012: New Skylanders Giants Characters

By Lexley Ford, 6 years ago
Activision has revealed two new playable characters and a selection of screenshots for their upcoming title, Skylanders Giants, at this year’s GamesCom currently taking place in Cologne, Germany. The two new Skylanders are Chill, a Water Skylander with a double-sided spear and Shroomboom, a slingshot wielding Life Skylander.

Chill Art


Name: Chill
Element Family: Water
Character Type: New Skylander
Catch Phrase: Stay Cool!

Bio: Chill was the sworn guardian and personal protector of the Snow Queen. As captain of the queen’s guard, her many heroic deeds had earned her the respect of the entire Ice Kingdom. But when the Cyclops army began to expand their empire into the northern realms, the Snow Queen was taken prisoner during her watch, and Chill has never forgiven herself for letting it happen. Ashamed and embarrassed, she left the Ice Kingdom behind and swore never to return until she could reclaim her honor. Now as a member of the Skylanders, she remains courageous and strong, while always on the lookout for her lost queen.
Shroomboom Art


Name: Shroomboom
Element Family: Life
Character Type: New Skylander
Catch Phrase: He Shoots, he Spores!

Bio: Shroomboom was most unfortunate to have been born in a pizza topping garden belonging to Kaos. Growing up among his fellow fungi, he knew it was only a matter of time before a late night craving would bring about their demise. So Shroomboom took a twig and a strand of spider web and made a slingshot. One by one, he launched all of his friends over the garden fence before flinging himself over to join them. Then he guided them all to the edge of the island and leapt to freedom, using his mushroom cap to catch a friendly breeze. Now as a member of the Skylanders, Shroomboom continues to perform courageous deeds… but he can be hard to find on pizza night.
As I mentioned earlier, a few screenshots were also released featuring the new characters in action.

Screen 7

Screen 6

Screen 5

Screen 4

Screen 3

Screen 2

Screen 1

Skylanders Giants is due to be released on October 19th in Europe and October 21st in North America.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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