New 'Fist of the North Star' Trailer Released!

By Zach Cooper FBI, 8 years ago
A new trailer has appeared for the upcoming 'Fist of the North Star' game which you can view here.

The game is being brought to you by Tecmo Koei, who have been responsible for bringing you the many fantastic Dynasty Warriors games and other games similar to the series. But now they are bringing you similar gameplay to what you already know and love but injecting it with more manliness than anyone can handle. I mean when you watch the trailer you will understand that these guys are serious business.

The first half of the trailer shows some CG cutscenes which are not so new, but the last half shows some new gameplay segments never before seen, so get watching. Once that rockin' guitar hits you and the muscles start flexin', you really won't be able to wait for the game. The pure masculinity will force you to rip off your shirt, swim to Japan and start playing it right now! Although I don't think Tecmo Koei will pay to replace your shirts.