Defense Technica Survival Mode Gameplay

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
There is no use in avoiding the rather large, Tower Defense shaped elephant in the room right now. Kuno Interactive's upcoming XBLA Tower Defense title, looks like a graphically enhanced version of Just take a moment, and watch this video of the survival mode gameplay to come to your own conclusion as there's a few gameplay tweaks that help Defense Technica stand out:

Even though the tower types are strikingly similar to those from Defense Grid, this Newshound loved Defense Grid and will happily play anything that is like Hidden Path Entertainment's magnum opus. Now if you actually watched the whole video, you'd have seen some cool unique things, such as the giant flying spaceship enemy and the inclusion of weather effects. Exactly how the changing weather will play into your setups is unclear at the moment, but hopefully we'll get some more videos detailing this aspect of Defense Technica.

There is no release date yet for Defense Technica beyond "later this year".