PSA: Situation With Our Scanners

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Hi guys, so as you've undoubtedly spotted by now we're having some issues with the scanning on site. This is taking longer to rectify than we first thought. It has been seemingly caused by a change on which I am tempted to speculate upon as being related to the problems with Windows Phone 7 achievements. This isn't for certain though, just a rumination on the sudden changes and issues.

We expect this problem to be resolved by tomorrow evening at the latest (GMT) but please understand we can't provide a precise ETA. It could be sooner, but equally it could be later. For more information, support and updates point your browsers, phones and apps to our Twitter feed where we'll be happy to answer any questions and pass on information as and when we know it.

Please be aware that once the scanners are pulling in achievements as normal there is likely to be a small delay in your achievements being fully updated on site as they process the accrued backlog with some slightly longer scan times.

Thanks for your continued patience and support!

UPDATE from TA: I got back from Cologne late last night and had a go at fixing them immediately. Unfortunately the changes were more severe than I expected and I was exhausted after the trip so eventually I crashed out. Got up at 6 this morning to finish off and now just running through the final testing. Should be back up and running within 15 mins....

UPDATE 2: Looking good. Switching all on to full power. We wil have a massive backlog though, so it may take a while to get everyone rescanned. I would think we'd be back to normal by the end of the day (should be much sooner on the pro scanners though). Thanks for your patience at this time, I did actually take a laptop away but our hotel's supposedly excellent wi-fi didn't work for the whole time we were there....