Community Interview - x Tricky x

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
In the time since Kendrene and I took over the community interviews, we had been reviewing all of the potential interviewees. We had some great ones so far, and surely more are continuing to come in, but for the first interview of the new era, I chose to sit down with one of the most active and personal bloggers around the site. Welcome to the spotlight, x Tricky x.

N0T PENNYS B0AT: First off, I'd like to thank you for being my very first Community Interviewee here on TA. I knew if Kendrene and I kept poking osubluejacket with that pointy stick, he'd eventually relinquish the Interviewer job to us.

x Tricky x: It is a pleasure to be the first interviewee and hope to bring many more from the teenage community here on TA!

N: So tell us about yourself. I know from your site blog that you live not far from me, right? Are you in school? Give us the formal introduction to all things Tricky!

T: I sure do! I currently live in Marlborough,MA and i'm going into my final year of high school. I like being with my family and have fun with my sisters (even if we do fight) and daily blog about my life!

N: Speaking of your blog, it's quite popular here on TrueAchievements. You're one of the faithful daily bloggers. Is it hard to keep up with finding time to blog day in and day out?

T: It is quite hard to just find the time to write a blog everyday just because some of my readers live in diffrent regions around the world so i would always have to pick a time pretty much every day just so they will be able to read them. I don't even think i have been able to lock in one specific time yet just because of finding some new readers all the time.

N: I subscribe to your blog myself and I've always loved how you mix up your gaming stories with more personal stuff too. Do you have a hard time opening up like that or is your TA blog your special place to come and vent?

T: At first when i started blogging i did have some trouble at first just going into the personal aspect of it just because i thought at the time that people would just be interested in the gaming aspect. But then after reading other daily bloggers i have decided to open up and each time I did it actualy helped me in my daily life and now i can say that TA is my "special place", so to speak, and i love it!

N: Another aspect of your blogging I've noticed is you track something called the A-Z challenge. Explain to our readers what that is, exactly. Frankly, I'm a bit confused myself!

T: Haha, i will be glad to explain! Well i posted this specific challenge to my followers and what it is exactly is that you would have to complete a game from every letter in the alphabet. I feature both the retail and arcade with it's own seperate challenge and i think it's just tough to do the retail! I write about the completions that the contestants have done in my blog so they would know that i'm tracking them all the time, and i have some seen some impressive ones along the way and some easy games as well. I'm still deciding to whether or not to make another A-Z challenge. It gets really hard to find the completions people have done everyday!

N: Do you track your progress on the new blog leaderboard?

T: I have just seen it recently and i think it's awesome that there is a leaderboard based for the blogging here on TA. As for following it i do but definitely not as competitve like i do with other leaderboards here on TA. I have focused on one specific leaderboard on here for quite some time now but if i rise up to the top bloggers on this specific leaderboard it would just be the icing on the cake for me!

N: How about reading blogs on TA; Do you have any favorite bloggers of your own?

T: I do read some blogs on here whenever i get the chance and i have always enjoyed reading them. But if we are going to talk about some favorites on here i would have to say one of them would be just because she likes to do the same aspect that i do with my blogs which is the personal life+gaming mix and some things she mentions in her blogs i can relate to in my high school life. Then another would have to be Omfamna just for the same exact reason and her style of writing too. But every once in a while i would always read some other blogs on here that interest me and most of the time they are a nice read.

N: Of course, the main reason we're focusing on blogging is because your blog is primarily dedicated to reaching the top spot in the Massachusetts Gamerscore leaderboard. That'd be a remarkable feat. I'm usually hovering around #100 myself, but you seem to be skyrocketing up the charts. Tell us about that journey so far.

T: Oh yes, my major goal. When i first started blogging about my journey, i was rank #39 on the leaderboard. Then each day i would try to score as much as i could each just to go up one rank. Sometimes i would have some trouble just going to one placing because of the specific gamer i'm trying to catch up to would be an active gamer like me. It gets annoying but there would always be that one special day i get major points and finally make another rank into the leaderboard. I still have a long ways to go but i will make it someday! I just need to get some of the personal things out of the way and taken care of, of course.

N: So where are you ranked right now in the MA leaderboard?

T: As of right now i am currently rank #9.

N: When do you hope to move up another spot? Are you close to the next gamer's score or will it take some time to close the gap?

T: I would like to do before the new school year starts but i still have a long ways to go. I think the #8 player has about a 10K lead on me so i might have to resort on playing some easy games but hey, this major goal of mine i wil have to play some every once in awhile.

N: I know you just got a new laptop, and that you started playing Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Did you play PC games before or is that a new hobby thanks to the new laptop?

T: I for one never had a steam account. One was because the previous laptop I had before wouldn’t be able to run Team Fortress 2 and it just had numerous errors on it that we wouldn’t be able to fix. I was lucky enough to get a new laptop as an early birthday present from my family so gaming on steam is now an official new hobby I would go to if I’m not thinking about playing on the xbox.

N: I've always envied Steam users a bit because they get the best sales. Have you splurged at all and bought any new games?

T: I haven’t bought anything new just yet but will be soon! Preferably Games for windows live like Street Fighter and Bioshock 2. The only things I have bought were some items I could get in Team Fortress 2. Such an awesome game if you haven’t played it yet!

N: What about on the Xbox 360? Are you playing any new releases right now?

T: As of right now I’m currently not but have played many of the new releases this year. From the zombie killing cheerleader Juliet Starling in Lollipop Chainsaw to the brief playing of Prototype 2 and Spec Ops: The Line thanks to playing them at a friend’s house.

N: Is the Xbox 360 your only current generation console? I have the Big Three in my house, but the Wii just collects dust or plays Netflix, to be honest.

T: I have a Nintendo Wii as well but my sisters are in control of that console. Usually if I do use the Wii I would most likely be playing Mario Kart. I’m the best one in the house then it would be my 12 year old sister. But other than that’s pretty much it and I will NEVER get a PS3. EVER!

N: Why won't you get a PS3?

T: I just i guess i don't really like the games that are on that specific console. There are very few titles that i like that are exclusives on the PS3 like Littlebigplanet and God of War. But i just never thought of actually buying one because most of the games that they have(besides the exclusives) we have also si don't see a point getting one. We sometimes get earlier DLC than them also so why bother? I'll stick with my 360.

N: What is your favorite game of 2012 so far?

T: My favorite game if 2012 would have to be Lollipop Chainsaw. I liked the hack and slash style it had and just the numerous amount of one liners the game has is just hilarious. If you’re looking to find a good hack and slash title, definitely pick this title up!

N: What about this fall? All the biggest games are coming out in the fall. What games do you have on your buy list?

T: Mainly my top two right now since they come around near my birthday are Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Bordelrands 2. Others would have to be Dance Central 3 (Kinect Fan, Don’t Hate), Dishonored, and Far Cry 3 all thanks to playing the Multiplayer at PAX East earlier in the year. I will probably go bankrupt after the year is over!

N: Oh PAX East! I almost went, but had to prioritize other things ahead of it. I hope to go next year since it takes place so close to home. What was that like? What games did you see and play?

T: PAX East was amazing! I loved just being there and just trying out some fo the new release and some of the new DLC they had for some games. I even went to go see Cliffy B and they were doing a Q&A and one of the guys dressed up as one of the COG's ask if Gears would ever go to the PS3. You wanna know what he said? If only the DualShock sticks get better. I thought that was AWESOME! Just being there was a blast and just playing some of the new releases Like Far Cry 3 was just a blast. I wasn't able to get in line to try out Borderlands 2 though. It was too long! But i only got a one day pass and i'm hoping next year i can get a 3 Day.

N: What about the Battle Royale? I saw you in a few of the threads discussing the matchups. Do you have a favorite? Who do you think will win, and who do you want to win?

T: I love the Battle Royale. It was a very cool idea to bring up since we haven’t seen any new releases the past couple of months. I don’t really have a person to win at the moment but I would like to see some upsets. I REALLY want the fanboy characters to lose like Captain Price from CoD and Master Chief from Halo. But overall I think it’s a really cool thing and hope to see more of this in the near future!

N: Switching gears to your life outside of gaming now, what other things do you like to do?

T: I have quite a few different hobbies’ but I really like to do is listen to music. I LOVE music. Mainly I listen to rap but both the old school and some of the new age things as well. I always loved listening to some of the Youtube stars as well. There is one specific person I like and that is Logic. If you haven’t listened to him yet make sure to do so! Another hobby I like is just reading and or watching anything about sports, mainly basketball. I’m not really a big football fan and baseball I just read about. Not actually watch the game. It just seems too long. I have always been a basketball fan and I might be getting NBA 2K13. OH YEAH I forgot to add to my list of games I wanted to get. Oops haha.

N: You go to a trade school right? What trade are you learning? Do you hope to make a career out of it or are you still feeling it out?

T: I do go to a trade school and I’m currently learning Precision Machining and Automated Manufacturing. At first when I joined this freshman year I thought it was going to be a really hard trade to learn. But it really isn’t. Its basic math like adding and subtraction and the machines are not hard to operate as well we work both in the computer room to make blueprints of the part we are making and then later we would go out onto the shop floor and make that specific part. It does get harder every year and I do sometimes have some setbacks but I have made it and hoping to make a career out of it after I’m done with high school.

N: Looking ahead to the end of your public schooling, do you have an idea what you want to do afterwards or is that an ongoing learning process?

T: First off right when I’m done with high school I’m going straight into college. Not sure which one yet but I will get help with my guidance counselor and mom so I can go to a good school. But i honestly don’t know what specific major I would like to be going into. It’s a long process but hopefully it will be able to figure it out sometime this year.

N: Do you like the high school you go to? I know you've mentioned there exists some problems there right?

T: I do and I don’t. I do because of just being with some good friends I have known since middle school and meeting some other people from different cities is good as well because I can make good friends that way. But some of them are not what they really seem. Sometimes it’s just the drama that gets to me because at some points I was in the middle of it and couldn’t get out at all. Drama always starts on Facebook and then it goes hectic at school. Its complete nonsense and I wish it would just end.

N: As a student there, you see a lot of the issues that teachers either fail to see or sometimes ignore. What do you think could be done there to improve the environment for everyone involved?

T: The racism in the school is the major thing teachers don’t see at my school. It has gone worse the past couple of years ever since I was a freshman and frankly I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. I have seen some fights on the school grounds and they would first say racial slurs to each other and then they would seriously beat the living crap out of each other till the teacher comes in and breaks it all up. I don’t see it recovering anytime soon.

N: What about the town you live in; what kind of attractions are there for visitors?

T: Nothing too much to do in Marlborough MA but if someone were to visit in the MA area I would definitely say go to Six Flags in Springfield. Have some of the best rollercoasters there and some awesome water rides as well. Also we can go the Basketball Hall of Fame that’s in Springfield and also just go tour the city of Boston! Where we can go see a Boston Red Sox game or just hang out in the city and do some mindless shopping!

N: What about when you're older, do you have an ideal place you'd like to live? I'd like to someday settle down in the Pacific Northwest, like my friend Alan Wake.

T: Orlando, Florida. Right when I’m done with high school and college I will want to live there. Why you ask? Because I love the hot weather. Most of my family lives there and there is a bunch of attractions to go to. I always love going to Universal Studios (The Mummy was my first ever rollercoaster) and maybe one day I can actually live there and be with all my family and the great Mickey Mouse!

N: Is there a significant other in your life right now, or are you still looking for love? Maybe you're prioritizing other things right now?

T: I’m not dating anyone currently, and In all honesty, I’m not looking for one anytime soon. I just think high school is not a god place to look for someone right now so maybe in the later years of my life I can hopefully find someone that loves to play games as much as I do.

N: Okay so having all of that information, close your eyes and tell me your dream scenario for a job/family/pets/etc. Let's say in ten years, what do you want to be doing?

T: My dream job would be to be a major music producer and work with some of the best rappers in the US. I would love to just be in the studio with some of the best artists in the hiphop nation and just meet some old school rappers as well. I would want to live in California and just be 5 minutes away from some of the coolest celebrities in the world and maybe play against them in some video games! Go figure!

N: One thing I've always believed is that you can figure out a lot about a person just by knowing what their favorite "stuff" is. So, I want to start a new segment for my Community Interviews where we discover all of the interviewee's favorite "stuff". Want to be the first to run my segment?

T: I’m ready to answer about the mysterious things of stuff! LETS DO THIS!

Okay then, ladies and gentlemen of TA, these are a few of of Tricky's favorite things!

Favorite retail game: Super Street Fighter IV I have always been a huge Street Fighter fan and hopefully in the near future of next gen console they make a Street Fighter V!

Favorite XBLA game: Snoopy Flying Ace

Favorite old school game: Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)

Favorite achievement:
Fighters UncagedSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Fighters Uncaged worth 465 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Favorite video game character: Mario(Nintendo) I’m would say grown up playing the N64 and loved the character still up to this day!

Favorite movie: Cop Out. Tracy Morgan is hilarious in this movie! Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.

Favorite band/musical artist: Kanye West and or Logic

Favorite TV show: TruTv Presnets: World’s Dumbest Criminals. Love This Show!

Favorite book: Rapture by John Shirley (yeah I read a book about a videogame so what you wanna fight about it?)

Favorite food: Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken) Puerto Rican family, what can I say? Now I’m starting to get hungry haha.

Favorite beverage: Mountain Dew

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite sport and sports team: Basketball and the Orlando Magic. Too bad they lost their best player due to trading him to the freaking LAKERS!!

N: Very nice. From your list there we share a love for the color blue and a hate for the Lakers.

As we near the end of your Community Interview, I'd like to give you the chance to say whatever you want. Maybe you'll call for peace in the middle east, or argue why we shouldn't pick Arian Foster in our fantasy football drafts, or you could even plead with those ahead of you on the MA leaderboards to stop earning achievements. The floor is yours, Tricky!

T: I would like to give a shoutout to all the highschool gamers out there on TA. Get your voice heard. Don’t be nervous! Also I would like to give a shoutout to my GTASC teammates and friends, TheDirtySurgeon, Silent Dirge and m0nk33z. One final thing, that #1 spot, will be mine so you'd better watch out! Make sure to follow my blog too if you haven’t!

N: I was very excited to start doing these Community Interviews here for this site I love, and I once again want to thank you for being my first interviewee. I hope you enjoyed your time to shine.

T: It was a pleasure and good luck with the many more to come!

If you would like to be featured in the Community Interview, send your PMs to Matrarch and let us know why you would be an interesting gamer for us to shine our spotlight on. Bonus points will be awarded to whomever can correctly tell us what lies in the shadow of the statue.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
Mark is a Boston native now living in Portland, Oregon. He's the Editorial Manager on TA, loves story-first games, and is one of three voices on the TA Playlist podcast. Outside of games he likes biking, sci-fi, the NFL, and spending time with his fiancée and son. He almost never writes in the third person.