Capcom Announces Spring Line-Up Release Dates

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Capcom today announced the release window for all their Spring 2010 releases, including three anticipated Xbox 360 releases: Super Street Fighter IV, Lost Planet 2 and XBLA's Final Fight: Double Impact, a dual-release of Capcom16-bit classics Final Fight and Magic Sword

Breathtaking environments, new weapons, unique vital suits and larger-than-life bosses surface in both Europe and North America on May 18th, 2010 in Lost Planet 2 . The game is the next installment in the popular action series Lost Planet. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the landmark third-person shooter that debuted on Xbox 360, went on to sell over 2.3 million units worldwide after its release. Lost Planet 2 will offer deeper insight into the world of E.D.N III and the uncertain fate of future mankind. Players will control their heroes across 6 interconnected episodes, creating a truly unique interactive experience that changes depending upon the actions of the players involved. The intense and action-packed campaign mode comes with the ability to form teams of up to four players on Xbox LIVE and utilize teamwork tactics, new weapons and a variety of vital suits to fight larger-than-life bosses.

Known for its popular fighting titles, Capcom is happy to also present two strong fighting games for the spring including Final Fight: Double Impact and Super Street Fighter IV. Final Fight: Double Impact is a dual release of two classic arcade side-scrolling beat-em-ups due to launch as a downloadable title on Xbox LIVE. First up is Final Fight, where players follow the heart-pounding adventures of Cody, Guy, and Haggar – three heroes fighting their way across crime-ridden Metro City in hopes of saving Haggar’s daughter from the evil clutches of Mad Gear. Cody and Guy will also be playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV giving fans the chance to take a trip down memory lane and experience these characters in their first appearance before playing them in the new Street Fighter game. In Magic Sword, users will take on the role of the "The Brave One," a fierce warrior who bears the daunting responsibility of cleansing evil forces by defeating the dark lord Drokmar. Accompanied by eight allies who will lend their assistance by bringing specific skills and talents to contribute to the fight, Magic Sword is an amazing side-scrolling action game illustrated in classic fantasy stylings.

Super Street Fighter IV will be coming to the Xbox 36 on April 27th, 2010 in North America and April 30th, 2010 in Europe. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV will further redefine the 2D fighting genre with a host of new features including new characters, new ultra combos, new online modes, the return of the famed bonus stages and retuned online and offline gameplay. Super Street Fighter IV’s new characters include Street Fighter’s first Tae Kwon Do-styled fighter - the deadly female fighter Juri - classic Street Fighters such as Cody, Guy, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Adon and more to complement the full roster of returning fighters from Street Fighter IV. Featuring all new user-selectable Ultra Combos and advancements to the online gameplay and matchmaking, Super Street Fighter IV is the ultimate vision of Street Fighter.

Capcom also released two new trailers for Lost Planet 2 today, which you can downloaded here: and here: The latter trailer shows off the exclusive DLC for the game, unlocking the playable characters of Gears of War's Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago in LP2. Synergy!

Super Street Fighter IV also has a new animated trailer up on the marketplace (, that shows off some of the awesome moves and Ultra/Super combos of new characters Adon, Cory, Dee Jay, Guy, Juri and T. Hawk, as well as just showing off their fighting styles, and the game's consistently gorgeous visuals. Also released today was a new SSFIV premium theme (, priced at the usual 240 MSP.

So that's Lost Planet 2 launching worldwide on May 18th, and Super Street Fighter IV on April 27th in NA, and April 30th in Europe. As Final Fight: Double Impact is an XBLA title, the date probably won't be known until the week of release, but keep checking our homepage every Monday for the XBLA Wednesday news.