More Ghost Recon: Future Soldier DLC Detailed

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Ubisoft today announced the second DLC package for in the form of "Raven Strike", which we are promised is a "throwback to traditional Ghost Recon gameplay". This means we'll see larger maps, more complex and involved missions and an increased level of difficulty to boot.

The content will include:

3 new missions in Campaign Mode
- Secure Dawn: a foggy marsh in Kazakhstan where the Ghosts will not be allowed access to advanced technology (no optical camouflage, drone or sensor grenade)
- Cold Walker: a train depot on the Russian countryside
- Argent Thunder: a nighttime urban setting in Moscow

1 new map in Guerrilla Mode
- Sawmill: face 50 waves of enemies on a foggy Russian countryside
There's no word officially as to whether new achievements will be included in the bundle, but it's a very safe bet that with three new campaign missions that there will at least be an achievement for wrapping up the new story line. After all, the previously released "Arctic Strike" had two on offer solely for multiplayer based play.

Whilst we can't provide a firm release date, it has been confirmed that that DLC will cost 1200 MSP from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR