More WWE '13 Superstars Make Their Entrance

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Ever since I caught a WCW Saturday Night match between Sting and the Barbarian while flipping the channels as a 9-year old, I have been a fan of the crazy circus that is pro-wrestling. What I've learned through the years is that three things can make the crowd "pop" (explode with applause, cheering, excitement, etc.): Entrances, Finishers and Divas. Today's bevy of WWE'13 videos includes all three of those elements.

First up, we get to see the entrance and finisher of pre-order bonus, Mike Tyson.

Next up, is the currently injured Strongest Man in the World, Mark Henry.

Representing the Divas, Eve "For some reason now the WWE is using my last name again" Torres!

Current holder of the Money in the Bank contract and one of this Newshound's personal favorites, is Dolph Ziggler.

His finisher is the "Zig-Zag", and again, despite the name, it's actually really cool to see in action since it can come out of any angle, at any time.

Lastly, we have Brodus Clay, the FUNKASAURUS FROM PLANET FUNK!

(No really, that is his nickname, and that was his listed hometown.)

WWE'13 will be available October 30th, just in time to commemorate CM Punk for the 3rd longest title reign in WWE history.