Things Get Leisurely in More GTA V Screenshots

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
As promised, the team over at Rockstar Games has obliged today to follow up on Monday's transport screenshots with more snippets of their upcoming, blockbuster sandbox title,

It's time to unwind by taking some time out of your gangster lifestyle to enjoy some relaxing leisure pursuits. Of course, since it's the GTA franchise we're talking about there's no such thing as a 'relaxing' hobby.

If you begin to think more along the lines of high-octane, adrenaline-pumping activities like motocross biking and base-jumping, then you'll know what to expect from Grand Theft Auto V. Alternatively, you could partake in a few tennis matches in the grounds of your mansion.

GTA V_Leisure_Moto

GTA V_Leisure_Basejump

GTA V_Leisure_Tennis

Grand Theft Auto V is shaping up to be one of the biggest videogame releases in history. As a result, Rockstar Games has made it clear that they want to take their time to get things absolutely spot on. Due to that, the title still doesn't have a confirmed worldwide release date.

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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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