TA Battle Royale Round 2 Opens Today

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
The first round of the TA Battle Royale has wrapped up, but we're not slowing things down. Round 2 kicks off today and we have eight matchups of some of the Xbox elite. We've loved the response the tournament has received so far, with over 28,000 votes already in, and we're as eager as you are to see who will advance to the final eight.

UPDATE: We received a few requests for a round-up of Round 1 results. You guys really do love your stats! Ask and you shall receive:

- Marcus Fenix lancers Naughty Bear with 74.9% of the votes.
- Isaac Clarke dismembers Faith Connors with 68.1% of the votes.
- Bayonetta quad-wields Max Payne with 51.5% of the votes. -- Narrowest victory
- Captain Price eliminates Ellis with 62.5% of the votes.
- Lara Croft runs, jumps, and climbs over Monkey with 71.7% of the votes
- Ezio Auditore assassinates Alan Wake with 79% of the votes. -- Most votes cast with 2,122
- Adam Jensen augments his chances and defeats Rico Rodriguez with 71.9% of the votes.
- Lone Wanderer V.A.T.S. Chris Redfield with 61% of the votes.
- Master Chief saves the day by defeating Lee Everett with 78.1% of the votes.
- Subject Delta drills Niko Bellic with 53.7% of the votes.
- The Dragonborn casts away Rayman with 75.1% of the votes.
- Alex Mercer slices and dices The Protagonist with 57% of the votes.
- Sam Fisher stealthily takes down Kaim Argonar with 68.9% of the votes.
- John Marston six-shoots Shank with 92.5% of the votes. -- Landslide matchup of Round 1
- Agent 47 uses a disguise and kills Frank West with 65.3%
- Commander Shepard tactically removes The Gunstringer with 82.9% of the votes.

Average margin of victory: 65.1%. We'll likely see a closer margin in Round 2, as many of the more unlikely competitors have been removed.

TA Staff member Nighthawk205 was awesome enough to put together these matchup preview images together for the next round. Here's a look ahead to the eight matches of Round 2, with their seedings in parentheses:

(1)Marcus Fenix vs. (9) Lone Wanderer
battle 8

(5)Isaac Clarke vs. (13)Bayonetta
battle 6

(6)Lara Croft vs. (3)Captain Price
battle 4

(7)Alex Mercer vs. (2)Ezio Auditore
battle 2

(1)Master Chief vs. (9)Subject Delta
battle 1

(5)Adam Jensen vs. (4)John Marston
battle 5

(6)Sam Fisher vs. (3)The Dragonborn
battle 3

(7)Agent 47 vs. (2) Commander Shepard
battle 7

We'd like to ask you to make your predictions for this upcoming round. Let us know which matchup will be the biggest landslide, biggest upset, and closest call. Look for this round's first fight later today!
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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