Premium Exclusive DoubleXP Coming to Battlefield 3

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
As a Premium double XP event approaches for the duration of the event is being put firmly in the hands of the Xbox LIVE community.

First up, what's a Premium double XP event in case you're still not sure by now? For that I'll hand you over to Dat Boi Treezy and his previous article which tells you all need to know You can investigate further by visiting the Battlefield 3 website here.

If you're a social network user you may want to jump across and find out Battlefield 3 on Twitter, where every 500 retweets of a message from their profile will extend the Premium only event by an impressive twelve hours.

Similarly there's an option available to Google Plussers whereby every 5000 shares of their Google+ update will add twelve hours to the event too.

The deadline for participating in the hype is 23:59 PDT on the 23rd of August with the Premium event kick off soon after this weekend.
Credit for this story goes to JungleWookiee