Battleblock Theater Lobby Decor Video

By mancide, 6 years ago
BattleBlock Theater has to be the one game we have a lot of assets for, but still know very little about how the game will actually play. The latest asset to be released is a video featuring the great lengths the team over at The Behemoth went through to add detail and age to the Chapter 1 lobby.

Just as the title implies, BattleBlock Theater is in fact a fully functional theater. From a prop room, to concession stands, BattleBlock Theater has just about everything you'd expect to see inside of a theater, on an island, overrun by vicious cats. As we added deeper story elements to the world of BattleBlock Theater we made sure to reflect those elements in the backgrounds and overall themes of each chapter.

Be sure to take a look at the details added in the animation process to help age this theater, and stay to the end for a sneak peek of the most recent version of the Chapter 1 lobby!

BattleBlock Theater is still scheduled for release later this year.
Written by mancide
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