Grand Theft Auto V Screens Mean Business

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Rockstar Games mean business with their upcoming titan of a title, This week, Rockstar have released ten screenshots for fans of the series to feast their eyes on and get a good look at some of the beauty to come from the title. We've seen luxurious cars, bikes and jet planes in the transportation screens, and the pursuit of a leisurely lifestyle in these extreme sports screens.

In the last four screens released this week, Rockstar focus more on the action in the streets as the player can be seen riding alongside a huge trailer in one screen, and being pursued by plenty of cops and a chopper in the other screens. There's also a screenshot of what looks to be a fully-winged Dodo flying over some very detailed and graphically rich water. Remember back in the day on Grand Theft Auto III when the Dodo had clipped wings and was nearly impossible to fly? Those were the days.

GTA V Screens 24/8/12 - 01

GTA V Screens 24/8/12 - 2

GTA V Screens 24/8/12 - 3

GTA V Screens 24/8/12 - 4

Grand Theft Auto V remains without a solid release date. As always, be sure to stay locked onto TA for all your future fixes of the title's upcoming gorgeous media goodness.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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