Lisa and Helena Join Dead or Alive 5's Roster

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Team Ninja has been gradually confirming the fighters who are set to feature in upcoming arcade-fighting title, The trend continues as the developer has now confirmed that Lisa Hamilton and Helena Douglas will be among those individuals making a welcome return to the franchise.

Lisa Hamilton ("La Mariposa")

Lisa Hamilton, also known as “La Mariposa,” is a former scientist for DOATEC and an accomplished luchadora. Lisa’s unpredictable lucha libre style combines moves she learned while training with friend and fellow DOA competitor Tina Armstrong during high school and her own blend of high-flying kicks. Her unorthodox style makes her a difficult opponent to counter and defend against effectively. Little is known as to why Lisa has returned to the fifth DOA Tournament, but the reemergence DOATEC has once again brought “La Mariposa” back into action




Helena ("Fortune's Heiress")

Helena Douglas, also known as “Fortune's Heiress,” is the current leader of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC) and the daughter of Fame Douglas, founder of DOATEC. As a famous opera singer and Pi Gua Quan martial artist, Helena’s refined elegance translates into a quick yet graceful fighting style that allows her to pull off smooth windmill-like combinations that overwhelm her opponents. After the apparent destruction of DOATEC after the last tournament, Helena has re-emerged to announce the reformed DOATEC and issue an open invitation to all potential competitors to the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament



Tecmo Koei has also revealed a bunch of screenshots and a new trailer, much of which sees Lisa and Helena in a submerged elevator level titled "Depth".







Last week, Brad Wong and Eliot were confirmed and unveiled in screenshots. The screenshots were also used to showcase a new arena set in China, and the following video clearly aims to do something similar.

Dead or Alive 5 will punch and kick its way onto consoles on September 25th and 28th in North America and Europe respectively
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