Another Japanese Shmup Coming Soon – Ginga Force

By litepink,
Qute Corporation, best known for their shoot ‘em up titles Judgement Silversword and the Xbox 360 title, have announced Ginga Force for release in Japan.

Cover Art

Mankind has colonized outside of Earth in Ginga Force (Galaxy Force). The game’s setting is a star system’s seventh planet known as Tier Seven. It is here where the Magnificence Energy Corporation has begun colonizing and mining under the guidance from the Mitsurugi Security System company. Main protagonists Alex and Margaret are employed by Mitsurugi and carry out orders for their security force.

As you can see the game changes perspectives in certain situations, from a top-down view to behind the ship. There’s also plenty of ways to customize your ship and its weaponry to curtail to your strengths and playstyle through ten action packed stages.

Ginga Force Screenhot 1

Ginga Force Screenhot 2

Ginga Force Screenshot 3

Ginga Force Screenshot 4

Ginga Force Screenshot 5

Ginga Force Screenshot 6

Ginga Force Screenshot 7

Ginga Force Screenshot 8

Ginga Force is due to release sometime this year. Although it is unlikely that we’ll see the game released outside Japan, developer Qute plans on making the game region-free for those wishing to import the title.