Joy Ride Turbo’s Title Update Goes Live

By litepink,
Imagine the disappointment a person might feel if they were to play through BigPark’s and obtain enough money to buy all of the game’s 42 cars, only to have their last achievement not unlock properly for them. Now imagine that it was this very Newshound! That’s right, myself and several other unlucky gamers fell victim to a bug where one of the lengthiest, and most likely the last achievement you earn, would remain locked despite fulfilling the requirements.

Joy Ride TurboFull GarageThe Full Garage achievement in Joy Ride Turbo worth 110 pointsPurchase 42 Cars

The game’s title update fixes this issue for everyone, even retroactively for those like myself who have already met the requirements. Those individuals just need to go to the car select menu and it should unlock for you there. Besides fixing this achievement, the update also makes improvements to the online experience and more.

-New Online Lobbies: Play online with guests, friends, and random opponents in PUBLIC RACE and PUBLIC PARK. Race your way to the top of the leaderboards in RANKED RACE.

-Much Smoother Online Experience: Faster & more accurate matchmaking, reduced lag online

-Fixed achievement bugs

-Item tuning tweaks
Go forth now and race with confidence, and hop on online with the improved multiplayer races. Joy Ride Turbo is available for 800 MSP.

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