Registration open again!

By Rich Stone, 10 years ago
Well, it took a little longer than planned, but we are now accepting registrations again.

However, I have put in place some small restrictions on this:

1) A maximum of 50 people can register in an hour

2) New users can only have 2 non-currently scanned gamers as friends

Between these 2 rules we should be able to keep the scanners quite efficient - remember, before what is now known as "Joystiq Tuesday", we never had more than 200 sign-ups in a single day, and that didn't really cause us any problems. But 1000 in an hour was always going to make things difficult!

A couple of other things I need to mention:

A big congrats to Seraphim Needed who has been made an administrator. Please respect him in the forums, if he asks you to play nicely then please do so.

Secondly, I've changed the way a couple of the badge numbers are displayed - they will now round down. So those with 100% badges actually HAVE 100% rather than 99.51%. Which is better I think.

Anyway, it's been a hugely busy time for me, I'd like to welcome all the new users and wish them a great time on the site!


Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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