Aliens: Colonial Marines Details Escape Mode

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
We heard today that upcoming will arrive packing "Escape Mode" multiplayer when it launches and we're promised an "exhilarating experience" within. The new mode will pit two four-man teams directly against each other as the Marines attempt to escape the pursuing Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs have only goal, destroy their prey on sight. The Marines? Survive.

The time limit will be limited and the maps "fast-paced" to help create an atmosphere of intensity as the battle to reach the escape point or complete the hunt plays out.

The announcement assured us that teamwork would be the vital key to victory and pinpointing the oppositions weakest points to be exploited and destroyed. This will be an additional mode welcomed by many fans as the previously revealed multiplayer mode focuses purely on straight-up death match scenarios.

We can expect to see and hear more of this new gameplay mode in due course with some screenshots and hopefully an action packed trailer. We'll of course bring you the latest as we have it. For everything that has come before now, head over here for a wealth of screenshots and trailers, and most recently some interesting dev diaries.

Aliens: Colonial Marines launches February 12th, 2013 worldwide.