Gunstringer: Dead Man Running is Free-to-Play

By litepink, 5 years ago
Today’s announcement of the first wave of Windows 8 Xbox LIVE titles was filled with many ports of XBLA and WP7 games, a few original titles, and other games that were previously announced for the platform. There was a few surprises however, one of them being Gunstringer: Dead Man Running.

In what is best described as a sequel to the retail Kinect title, the Windows 8 game features the grittiest undead marionette cowboy protagonist once again. The Gunstringer grows restless of his underworld home, so he strikes another deal with the devil to return to the land of the living. His return is more of a justice seeking campaign as opposed to vengeance. Having already successfully striking out all the members of his old posse, The Gunstringer has a new mission going after the Villainous Five. Taking down this no-good group will restore peace to the land. His deal requires trading these five souls for that of his own, and ultimately, his freedom.

Gunstringer: Dead Man Running for Windows 8

With upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade titles and, the latest Xbox trend seems to be free-to-play titles. Gunstringer: Dead Man Running follows this trend, being offered as a free title on Windows 8 compatible platforms. The game will be supplemented with optional in-app purchases and DLC to expand on your experience.

You must help The Gunstringer race across treacherous terrains to hunt down and banish the Villainous Five to the underworld! Collect as many Gold Coins as you can along the way and use them to buy new customization options, weapons and power-ups to help you in your spirited quest.

Game Features:
- Free to Play with in-app purchases and downloadable content.
- Two playable game modes including a Story Mode with finite levels and a Challenge Mode featuring endless levels. .
- Xbox Live support including Achievements, Friends and Leaderboards.
- Asynchronous Multiplayer Challenges.
- Seamless multi-device profile access and progression.
The game will obviously function and control a bit differently without Kinect. It isn’t exactly clear yet how different the gameplay will be, but based off the screenshot we can deduce that it will be a bit similar still. Then there’s the question of what role the collecting of the gold coins will play. We’ll pass along more details as they come, and we can expect Gunstringer: Dead Man Running to arrive in that initial lineup of Windows 8 titles whether it’s at launch or sometime shortly after.