Indie Games Spotlight for September 2nd, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Who hasn't doodled an awesome alien battle in their notepad at school? Andy's Notepad: Saucers brings that concept to your console in a four player battle to the death!

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Our young friend Andy has drawn his latest daydream on his notepad. He's imagining flying saucers, wild planets, moons and even black holes! Develop your spaceship piloting skills and exercise your combat skills with four weapon types as you fly around on Andy's Notepad!

RELEASE DATE: 6/29/2012
GENRE: Shooter

Offline players 1 - 4
Dolby Digital
This game really shines if you have some buddies to play with locally. Four player competitive battles with hand-drawn alien saucers? Check. Great controls and upgrade-able weapons? Double check. This game has everything you would ever dream of.

The only downside to this title, and in my opinion it is a very minor downside, is that this game really shines with some human competition. Sure, the game has an AI progression against which you can play by yourself, but nothing beats the trash-talk inducing nature of competitive couch mutliplayer. The whole experience of this game just fosters that atmosphere if you have multiple warm bodies to take control of their own hand-drawn spacecrafts.

Let's talk about those hand-drawn graphics for a moment. This game has some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen in an Xbox Live Indie Game to date. The artwork literally looks like Andy took his marker and drew the action out on a big piece of poster-board living inside your HDTV set. This game is beautiful, charming and stunning.

The controls are tight, the upgrade system gives you some options for multi-round matches with your buddies, and the AI single-player component gives you enough of a challenge when you are flying solo.

Andy's Notepad is a game you should not overlook. I hope we see more chapters from the Andy's Notepad series, as the artwork and polish on this game is second to none. At only 80 MSP this title should beam its way into your ever growing XBLIG collection.

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Written by mancide
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