Splinter Cell: Blacklist Ghost Playthrough

By Keith Gray,
When Splinter Cell: Blacklist was revealed at E3 earlier this year, Ubisoft decided to show us the all-guns-blazing approach to dealing with enemy guards by utilising the "killing in motion" ability, which builds upon the "mark and execute" system seen in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction.

More recently, similar footage was revealed at Gamescom 2012.

Many Splinter Cell purists would argue that the footage shown so far seems to defy every rule of combat that Sam Fisher has become famous for. For years, stealth has been Sam's best friend. To answer the request to return Sam to his roots, in terms of combat style, Ubisoft has now released a new video showcasing the same section of pre-alpha gameplay footage. This time around, Sam takes the quiet route and kills just one enemy, as oppose to the double-figured kill count he racked up previously. Community Developer, Zack Cooper provides commentary to guide you through the "Ghost Playthrough".

Sam Fisher will sneak back into our lives in Splinter Cell: Blacklist during Spring 2013.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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