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By Rebecca Smith,
Playrix's 4 Elements II was not originally released for the Games for Windows platform. Instead, the developer self-published the follow up to 4 Elements through their own website so that players could directly download the game. Six months after the release of the game, Microsoft announced that a special edition of the game will be one of the first 40 Windows 8 titles to be released with the new operating system. Unlike its predecessor, this game will contain 20 achievements.

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https://www.trueachievements.com/4-Elements-II-Special-....htm is a match-3 puzzle and hidden object game. Players have to help four fairies, who represent the earth, air, fire and water elements, to restore their magic power by deciphering the book of magic and unlocking powerful spells. The game will include a total of 64 match-3 levels and 48 extra levels that are exclusive to the Windows 8 version of the game. Although the content of the levels hasn't been specified, there are hidden object, spot the difference and bonus challenge levels in the game. Over the course of the story, players can collect 16 magic cards as they complete each of the four quests.

The game can be played using the traditional mouse/keyboard controls, or through touch controls if playing on tablets. There are multiple game modes; players can take a casual approach or can try the levels in timed play. Competitive gamers can also track their friends' progress through the game leaderboards. As a bonus, there will also be six custom Windows 8 wallpapers and an MP3 version of the game's soundtrack.

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A trial version of the game will include 14 levels for gamers to try out for free. These include 12 Story Mode levels and 2 Bonus Challenge levels.

An exact release date for the game has yet to be revealed, but Windows 8 is due to be released on October 26th. We'll let you know when we find out whether this will be a launch title or whether it will be releasing at a later date.

We've got the full list of 4 Elements II: Special Edition (Win 8) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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