Now Recruiting: More Newshounds! *UPDATED*

By Aerodynamo, 8 years ago
UPDATE: Newshound applications are still being reviewed. I didn't expect it to take this long to go through them, but we want to be positively sure we pick the right people for the job. Please do not send any PM's to me asking the status of your application--I understand you are all eager to hear how you did! Your patience is appreciated. smile

I'm going to cut to the chase here, people. I'm looking for some additional members for the News team. As some of you might know from the last bit of recruitment I did way back when, I have extremely high expectations for a member of my team. What you post goes onto the front page, for thousands to see, and that responsibility alone is enough to make my expectations more than appropriate.

As I said before, if you have a passion for writing, video games, and finding, spreading, or simply reading news, I want you on my team. If you fulfill these three requirements above, then take a look at what I am expecting from applicants:

- Ability to find news independently
Essentially, I need you to be able to know where news is, or at least be capable of finding it. We have plenty of sources, but I need to know that you can come with a bit of experience under your belt.

- Ability to write well
I don't just want Newshounds who can write, because anyone can type enough if they just sit there and mash the keyboard. I need Newshounds who would list writing as a strength, a hobby, and interest, who can be expected to proof-read and perfect something even before another sees it, to the best of their ability. Think I am asking too much, here? Then you probably don't fall into this category. I have a feeling people will either hesitate at this requirement and close the window, or push on with confidence. I expect the latter.

- Unique personality
I believe every Newshound has a unique role on the team, with each of them having an irreplaceable personalty and style that defines who they are. Read any number of news posts and tell me two people sound alike. I need Newshounds who will bring originality and spirit to the team, as corny as this may sound. Interpret that how you will.

- Dedication to the community
One of my most important beliefs, and the reason why I took my role, is to give back to the community. Whether it be contests, discussion topics, community events, or a variety of other things. I might consider this the most important quality, because I expect dedication from every one of my team members in not simply putting text on the front page, but really helping the community to grow, expand, and enjoy the site more than they already do--if that is possible!
Still reading? Great. I assume of all the people who clicked into this message, I'm down to about 1/4 at this point, which is great. To ye who remain, if you are interested, send me the following:

1. Where are you from? (Country/Timezone)

2. How active are you? (Hours per day you could allocate to news, and please don't lie. Be realistic and honest.)

3. Do you have any experience in the field of writing? If yes, how so?
4) How old are you?

5) Why do you want to be a Newshound on TA?

6) How can you see yourself making an impact in the News department? What will you bring to the team?

7) What would you hope to change about the News? (Include as many ideas as you'd like, but I'm not looking for quantity--I'm looking for an identification of an area that we might be able to improve upon, and how you could help us do that.)

8) Submit a news article to me. It should be recent and new, with no post about it whatsoever on the site, and given in a way that you would deliver it. This means a title and strapline in addition to the story, as well as a link to the source. To clarify, it must be based off of something factual and within the video game industry. (I shouldn't have to say this, but don't pick something that won't create a good story regardless, because I will not be asking for multiple article submissions this time.)

9. Submit a writing sample to me. This should be something you have written in the past that you can drudge up that shows what a previously finished product of yours looks like. If you feel like you haven't written anything since you have improved your writing skill and want to submit something new, feel free to write me an opinion article related to the gaming industry.

10) Any additional comments you might have.
Send all this to myself, Aerodynamo , with the subject line "Newshound Application". Applications are due by Tuesday, February 9th, 2010. If it takes you more than a week to see this or send it in to me, I don't think the application is really worth checking, as rude as that may sound. I'm sure you folks can understand, though. wink

For those who might wonder how many I am recruiting, I have no set number in mind. It may turn out that no one impresses me and I don't add anyone to the roster; however, I am 200% confident this won't happen.

With that said... get me those applications!

Protip: Following directions is definitely part of the test.