Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Patch & Double XP

By litepink, 6 years ago
Frequent players of may have noticed an update available to download within the past few days. Whether you’re one of these regular players, or may have shelved the game for awhile for whatever reason, these patch notes may be of interest to you.

Naturally, the online multiplayer was a major focus of this title update. Players may notice some slight changes to their gameplay, and hopefully a more streamlined experience pertaining to party connection, bugs, user interface, and more.

Changes, except where explicitly stated, are for both platforms.

- Fixed several issues which would cause the game to stop responding.
- Fixed an issue with Rich Presence not always displaying correctly for players on DLC maps.
- Fixed several localization issues.
- Fixed several UI display issues with long usernames

- Removed the Respect Token requirement

- Players are no longer required to have or consume respect tokens to reset their gear.
--- To clarify functionality, the UI now says “Reset Gear”.

- Improved Cloud Update download and messaging.
--- Players will automatically attempt to re-download the Cloud Update if it fails.
--- Players who fail the update 3 times will receive a warning popup/alert.

- Bonuses are now awarded to both teams for the completion rounds and matches.

- Players who are forcibly disconnected from a match (eg. Host Migration Failed) will still be awarded their accumulated XP.
--- Players who leave a game via network manipulation or voluntarily quitting a match will not be awarded accumulated XP.

- Players will be able to switch teams in Private/LAN matches up to a maximum of 8 players on a team.
--- The limit per match is still 12 players.
---This change facilitates faction switching and allows for asymmetrical play.

- Decreased the frequency of party splits.
--- Players in parties of 6 should no longer be split within the lobby.
--- Note: It is still possible for parties to be split when joining a match in progress.
--- Dynamically changing the minimum number of players required to start a match.
--- eg. A party of 6 will need a minimum match size of 11 to begin (instead of 8)

- Factions will now be swapped automatically after every Quickmatch
- Improved the peer host selection process.
- Improved diagnostic tools and messaging.

- Changed the behavior of the default battle type
--- Players who have selected a battle type will default to their last selected battle type.
--- Players who have no selected a battle type will default to the most recent DLC (Battle – Arctic Strike).
--- The selection will persist across sessions.

- Fixed an issue causing a player's weapon selection to sometimes revert to default.
- Removed the Cover Reticle.
- Fixed an issue with the end of round display in the Siege gametype.
- Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the maps in Quickmatch voting to disappear.
- Minor Improvements to the replay camera (“Killcam”)
- Fixed an occasional issue with point awarded from the final objective in Conflict.
- Fixed several adversarial exploits.
- Fixed several other minor gameplay issues.

- Fixed an issue in the Office Guerrilla map that could prevent enemies from spawning;
- Fixed an issue in the Arctic Base Guerrilla map that was causing reduced FPS;
- Fixed an issue in the Firefly Rain campaign mission where a weapon was not presented correctly.
- Fixed several other minor campaign issues.
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Credit for this story goes to METAL MIN0TAUR