Bad Piggies Coming to Windows Phone, Windows 8

By litepink, 6 years ago
There’s no doubt that the pigs of the Angry Birds series have always been your typical “bad guys”, as they’re always coming up with the latest convoluted scheme to steal some eggs from the birds. That of course, makes the birds very upset, and they counter with an avian species assault to return the eggs and crush the pigs under a pile of rubble.

Perhaps though, there’s more to this story. Are the green piggies being made out for something they are not? Or are they the conniving and thieving swine we thought they were? These possibilities will be explored in a brand new title from Rovio, titled Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies logo

If you’re expecting this to be just another Angry Birds game, think again. You’ll play as the pigs of course, but the gameplay will be much different. Rovio promises “all new, never-before-seen gameplay”, and that there isn’t a slingshot in sight. The game will allow you to dig into the minds of the pigs and see the world through their eyes. Other than this, no specifics were given on how the gameplay will function.

Bad Piggies is hitting iOS, Android, and Mac at the end of this month, but Rovio stated that Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions would be following shortly. Unfortunately, there was no specific time frame for these Microsoft platforms. We’ll have more info on Bad Piggies as they arise.