Three Multiplayer Modes Get Revamped for Halo 4

By Graymouse 1, 6 years ago
Previously on TA, we introduced you to the new multiplayer map, "Exile", and we showed you a 30 second video of the flag assassination animation. Today, we present you with the juicy details on three new multiplayer modes.

Capture The Flag:

Some of the biggest changes in CTF that you will notice right away is that the flag carrier will not slow down while holding the flag. Also, and probably more importantly, is that while carrying the flag in your left hand you are able to carry a weapon in your right. That's right, you read it correctly. You can now carry the flag in one hand and your trusty pistol in the other. In case you are wondering, you still will be able to perform the flag assassinations when you need to beat down anyone who gets in your way.


There are some significant changes coming to the game mechanics. Scoring the ball is now quicker because when you score, the ball returns to the center of the field instead of ending the round like the round-based gameplay of its predecessor. This in turn speeds up the overall gameplay. Speaking of the ball, it's no longer a bomb. Instead, it is an electrically-charged sphere that you can hold in one hand. Also, if you kill the ball holder with the energy sword, you will perform what is being called a sword snatch in which the ball will be stripped away from your opponent's hands and given to you. One of the most interesting new gameplay mechanics for this game mode is the ability to "pass" the ball to your teammates. You throw the ball just like you would through a grenade. You can also use the hammer pass to blast the ball across the field to your teammate, which would allow for some really tactical Grifball games.


Oddball plays pretty much like before, with your team gaining points for how long you hold the oddball. However, now there are a few new medals for oddball. These medals include, but are not limited to, throwing the oddball to your teammate and for catching the oddball. This time, when you beat down your opponent with the oddball he disintegrates into thousands of pieces right before you eyes.

The last thing that we have for you is a video that was released recently. This 10 minute video titled A Hero Awakens is a video documentary giving us a behind the scenes look at the making Halo 4. The video features a number of artists, designers, writers, and producers discussing Chief's return.

That is all, folks... for now. Stay tuned here on TA for more Halo 4 information as it becomes available. Halo 4 will be released on November 6th worldwide.

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