Iron Sky: Invasion Announced

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Developers Reality Pump Studios have announced their upcoming movie tie-in game

06/09/2012 - Logo

The game is a spin off from this year's Finnish cult B-movie Iron Sky, which proposes that the Nazis weren't wiped out following World War II, but instead decided to hide out before choosing the perfect time (2018 apparently) to invade the world. Where were they hiding out, you ask? Secret volcano lair? Underwater complex? Intricate tunnel system under the Mojave desert? No, these cunning fascists decided the Moon was the best place to lie in wait. Yes, that's right, the Moon. Check out the trailer here if you don't believe me.

In Iron Sky: Invasion you play a space-pilot defending Earth from those lunar lunatics. Don't worry though, you've been given plenty of dangerous, experimental, secretly manufactured weaponry and space-fighters to play with. The game is also linked closely to the film, with the visual effects and CG company for the movie providing the ship models, including the both armies' fleets (space Zeppelins!), as well as all new ship designs for the Iron Sky universe.

In a unique twist on space-fighting games, the game will also include a political system, where you 'need to know who you are fighting for, whose boots you are stepping on, and choose your friends, or more importantly, enemies carefully'. These political machinations come in the form of unique missions from certain nations that the player can choose to accept or decline, affecting the progress of the war.

As developer Miroslav Dymek states:

We wanted to create a space simulation game blending political and tactical components, with the added absurdity of Moon Nazi humor. We wanted to bring back Space fighter-style gameplay, and knew from the very beginning the world of Iron Sky would be a perfect match.
The game will use the latest technology to allow 'photorealistic renderings of hundreds of space ships, advanced destruction physics and sophisticated AI for piloting spacecraft', and for all those with 3D TVs, you'll be able to fight the baddies and win the war in stereoscopic 3D.

We've also managed to pry some screenshots and the game's box-art away from some evil Nazi space-men:

06/09/2012 - Screen 1

06/09/2012 - Screen 2

06/09/2012 - Screen 3

06/09/2012 - Screen 4

06/09/2012 - Screen 5

06/09/2012 - Screen 6

06/09/2012 - Box

Iron Sky: Invasion will be invading your 360 on November 30th, 2012.
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