Windows Phone 7 DotW: September 5th, 2012

By litepink, 7 years ago
Why the Windows Phone Deal of the Week left in the first place remains a mystery, but we can take solitude in the fact that the weekly discounts have returned. This game serves as a companion to its XBLA counterpart, - $2.99/£2.29 $1.99/£1.49

Build and command an elite fighting force in Fusion: Sentient, an easy-to-play, real-time strategy game available exclusively for your Xbox LIVE enabled Windows Phone. As a gifted young machinist enrolled at the prestigious Luna Academy, you'll control a squad of advanced robot warriors known as sentients. As your career advances, you'll fight your way across the galaxy and uncover the secrets behind a sinister plot and its ties to an ancient race. Building your force from units belonging to three base classes, each with their own special abilities, you'll command your troops in brutal battles set in alien deserts and jungles and deep within enemy bases. Individual missions include conquest missions, defensive stands, capture scenarios, and survival rounds. Link your game through Xbox LIVE with Fusion: Genesis on the Xbox 360 to send sentients between games. Level up your Xbox 360 sentients on your phone or play with your Windows Phone sentients on your TV. Concealed secrets await as you fight to save the galaxy from this menacing threat. But beware: The deeper you dig, the more danger you'll unleash.
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As some of you may know, this game currently holds the distinction of being a Windows Phone game with an unobtainable achievement:

Fusion: Sentient (WP)Reaper's UnderstudyThe Reaper's Understudy achievement in Fusion: Sentient (WP) worth 41 pointsComplete 10 missions by destroying all opposition

There has been no mention of a fix for it at this time. We’ll be sure to update you in the future if this ever changes.

Thanks to all the community members who sent in the news of Deal of the Week returning, and to those who pointed out the unobtainable achievement.

We've got the full list of Fusion: Sentient (WP) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.