Trials Evolution DLC Teased

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Xbox LIVE's favourite bone breaking biking adventure,, is going to see a DLC extension entitled "Origin of Pain" come crashing on to Xbox LIVE this autumn. Whilst the DLC has no release date at the moment we can bring you an awesome teaser trailer direct from Ubisoft's YouTube channel, plus 12 screenshots. Check them out below:

Trials 12

Trials 1

Trials 2

Trials 3

Trials 4

Trials 5

Trials 6

Trials 7

Trials 8

Trials 9

Trials 10

Trials 11

The DLC will add:

- 36 brand new tracks
- 10 of these tracks will be multiplayer enabled
- A new island to explore
- A BMX bike for the power of pedalling!
- 30 new custom track creation effects
- 100 new placeable objects

It's got to be worth investigating for the BMX alone, right! We'll keep you updated with new trailers and release dates as we know them. In the meantime it's time to brush up on those skills and get ready to ride again.
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