TA Battle Royale Final Four Preview

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
We're nearing the final days of the TA Battle Royale and I must admit it's been a lot of fun to put this together. It has sparked a lot of interesting debate, funny 'what if' scenarios, and more than enough fanboy rage. The entire tournament has registered over 40,000 votes! The final four has been set, but let's take a look back at Round 3.

- Marcus Fenix ends Isaac Clarke with 60.3% of the vote
- Ezio Auditore stealthily takes out Lara Croft with 73.1% of the vote -- Largest margin of victory
- Master Chief removes John Marston with 62.4% of the vote -- Most votes in the round with 2,441
- Commander Shepard saves the galaxy from The Dragonborn with 57.8% of the vote -- Narrowest victory

Collectively, that gave us an average margin of victory of 63.4%, which is about the same as the previous two rounds, both of which hovered between 60-70%. That also means that the top four seeds (both 1 seeds and both 2 seeds) make up our final four. We had a few interesting upsets along the way, but ultimately these four were too powerful and popular to be defeated any sooner.

Now here's the important part -- the part I'd like some community feedback on. So far, the entire tournament has rested on us all voting, presumably, on who would win in each and every one-on-one fight if it were to happen in some make-believe land of awesomeness. With the final four participants set now -- Marcus, Ezio, Master Chief, and Shepard -- I was wondering if you guys would rather open it up to a four-way final round. Instead of two more matches to determine the final two combatants, we could throw all four of them into the imaginary arena and vote on it that way. With all of the controversy around voting procedures and what people are considering when making their votes, this might be the best way to break up such bias. Or maybe not. That's why I'm asking you guys, the faithful community.

This is the first tournament of its kind we've done here at TrueAchievements, so we have the ability to set precedence for any potential future Battle Royale. Would you guys like to make it a four-way final or do you want to continue the format as we've had so far? I won't open it up to an official poll, but I'll monitor the reaction in this thread. At the end of the day, judging by the comments received, I'll either open up the first of the semi-finals match or open up the grand finale.

Thanks once again to Nighthawk205 for the awesome visuals.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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