Rock Band Blitz Coin Economy Changes

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
if you are struggling to climb the or gold star a song, the coin economy changes implemented by Harmonix will probably make your life easier. Here is a recap of the tweaks applied to the game; remember, more coins in your pocket equal more power-ups in your songs!

Cost of Power-ups:
- Overdrive Power-ups: 250 coins per use
- Note Power-ups: 200 coins per use.
- Track Power-ups: 100 coins per use.
(note: it now only costs 550 coins for a full Power-up loadout!)

Song Performance Coin Rewards:
- At the end of a song, you now get 100 Coins per Star across the board.

Score Wars:
- Winners of Score Wars will now be receiving 1500 coins at completion.
- Losers of Score Wars will now be receiving 500 coins at completion.
You won't see a game update as all the changes were applied server side. If you want to add Rock Band Blitz to your game library, you can download it here.