EA Sports Season Ticket Details

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
If you're big on your EA Sports titles, you may want to consider taking part in the EA Sports Season Ticket scheme in time for the next round of yearly additions to their franchises. If you subscribe to the scheme (a one off payment of $24.99/2000MSP for 12 months) EA will reward you with a host of benefits such as early access to content and discounts:

Purchase EA SPORTS™ Season Ticket to get ahead of the game in Madden NFL, NHL®, FIFA Soccer®, Tiger Woods PGA Tour®, and NCAA Football® franchises. Subscribe now for $24.99 or 2000 Microsoft® Points / 12 months* and receive:

-- Access to over $100 worth of PDLC
-- 3 Day Early Access to all participating franchises
-- 20% off additional PDLC in all participating franchises
If you'd like to know just what DLC is included, the official site gives the following list which stands to be updated as new titles and items are added to the line up:

1 Legendary Pack and 24 Pro Madden Packs (over $30 in value)
24 NHL Gold Premium Packs (over $30 in value)
24 FIFA Gold Premium Packs (over $30 in value)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour® content to be announced
NCAA Football® content to be announced
If you're wondering just how the early access to games works, it's a download scheme. Subscribers will be able to download a game up to three days before the general public and start playing straight away. This will include achievements, online play... you name it. When the title hits the shops, the early access will be revoked meaning you will still need to buy the title from the shops, but your game and achievement progress will carry over in full.

To get access to this scheme following these steps:

- Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account
- Scroll to the bing section of the dashboard and enter ‘EA SPORTS’
- Download the free ‘EA SPORTS™’ application and launch it from your Game Library
- Purchase EA SPORTS Season Ticket
- Early release games can be downloaded through the EA SPORTS app

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