skate.Reel Servers Shutting Down on March 1st

By zigs00, 9 years ago
Update: Just a reminder you have one final day (less than 24 hours) to get those final votes in and help each other out. Help out your fellow TA'ers!

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For fans still playing or yet to play EA's skate., time is running out for the skate.Reel servers, the game's feature for uploading photos and video online. For us achievement fans, that means that Exhibitionist in skate., Skate's Top Model in skate. and Skate Celebrity in skate. will soon become unobtainable achievements

Servers for the skate.Reel feature will be shut down on March 1st, 2010. After this date, you may continue to play the game online but no longer able to capture video clips and upload them to the skate.Reel galleries, both in-game and on the skate website.
For those yet to get the elusive Skate Celebrity achievement, Kung Fu Riki has set up a brilliant leaderboard and forum section for everyone to help one another out in getting these achievements while you still can. Check the leaderboard out here: skate. Rate My Video and the forum thread here: Rate My Skate Video

Though as stated above, you will still be able to play online in the competitive modes, so don't worry too much. Also note that this is only applicable to skate. and not Skate 2.

We've got the full list of skate. achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.