The Pinball Arcade Picks Up New Licenses

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Developers FarSight Studios have announced that they've managed to secure some new licenses for upcoming tables on The Pinball Arcade, through the game's official facebook page.

Back in the middle of August, FarSight launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough cash to secure the full license to the popular "Star Trek: The Next Generation" table, with the following explanation of the need for the campaign:

We’ve succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we’d need to digitize Star Trek: The Next Generation and bring it to the Pinball Arcade. Unfortunately there are several licenses involved: in addition to the Williams license, we need a license for the Star Trek property and the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, clearances for the actor likenesses on the back glass and play field, and the right to use the actor voiceovers during gameplay. When we add up the costs of each required license and calculate what we’d have to charge for the table, we’ve realized that the Star Trek: The Next Generation is just not commercially viable. The more we charge for the table the fewer people will be able to buy it- and our goal is to expose as many people as possible to this great table, not just a select few.
Today, FarSight confirmed that they have met their goal and will be able to secure the full license:

It's fitting that today is the 46th anniversary ...of the airing of the first Star Trek episode. We're proud to carry on the Star Trek legacy- on behalf of the entire team here at FarSight Studios, thank you for backing us! Star Trek: The Next Generation will definitely be coming your way!
They have also managed to secure a license with Mistress of the Dark, Elvira, and will now be able to also bring the "Scared Stiff and Elvira and the Party Monsters" tables to the collection.

The 60 year old horror hostess herself has even posted a video announcing the news:

There's no word yet on when these tables will be coming to The Pinball Arcade, but keep an eye out on TA for more details as they emarge.
Written by Chewie
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