Harry Potter for Kinect Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
A selection of new screens have appeared, as if by magic, on the marketplace listing for upcoming spell-em-up Harry Potter for Kinect.

11/09/2012 - Screen 1

11/09/2012 - Screen 2

11/09/2012 - Screen 3

11/09/2012 - Screen 4

11/09/2012 - Screen 5

11/09/2012 - Screen 6

11/09/2012 - Screen 7

As well as playing through the events of the books, the game will allow you to immerse yourself into the world of Hogwarts by using the Kinect to scan yourself and create your own wizardy avatar likeness.

Harry Potter for Kinect is due this Fall. The demo is available to play now for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.
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Written by Chewie
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