Dead or Alive 5 Brand New Character Revealed

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Team NINJA have added yet another character to the already beefy roster for their soon-to-be-released fighting sequel Dead or Alive 5. However, today's announced character, Mila joins Rig as the only brand new characters so far announced for the game.

Mila, a part-time diner waitress and up-and-coming MMA champion, trains all day to hone her skills as a 'lightning fast, orthodox striker with a strong follow-up ground game' - whatever that means. She also idolises and is mildy obsessed with one of the other characters - series regular, Bass Armstrong - longing to take him on in the ring in the new Dead or Alive tournament. She'd also like to remind you that she is a fighter.

12/09/2012 - Mila 3

12/09/2012 - Mila 1

12/09/2012 - Mila 2

Check out this video and selection of screens, showing Mila taking on Jak and Bass's daughter, Tina.

Mila vs Zak

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Zak 1

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Zak 2

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Zak 3

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Zak 4

Mila vs Tina

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Tina 1

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Tina 2

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Tina 3

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Tina 4

12/09/2012 - Mila vs Tina 5

As well as all this Mila related goodness, Team NINJA also brought us a couple of screens of some of the game's locations.

12/09/2012 - Street 1

12/09/2012 - Street 2

If that wasn't enough, they also treated us to this video, showing the final of a recent internal dev team tournament that wasn't originally meant for public eyes.

Dead or Alive 5 is due in North America on September 25th, Japan on September 27th and Europe on September 28th.
Written by Chewie
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