Ike Gets into Trouble in Quantum Conundrum

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
At the end of July, Airtight Games announced that two DLC packs for Quantum Conundrum would be heading to XBLA. The first pack, "The Desmond Debacle", released last month. Today, the second DLC pack arrives exactly as scheduled. "IKE-aramba!" adds five more achievements worth a total of 100G.

Just when you thought you were done with rescue duty, it’s up to you to save Ike! In this all-new adventure, rescue Ike and leap seemingly endless chasms as you travel through an all-new wing of Quadwrangle Manor. More puzzling challenges await, so download this puzzle pack today!
Those of you wanting a sneak peek at the DLC may want to check out these screenshots.

"IKE-aramba!" costs 240 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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