Ascend: New Gods Detailed

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Signal Studios upcoming free-to-play release for the XBLA, Ascend: New Gods, will have you praying to the Gods from divine alters to stop the war of the blood-thirsty Titans.

You will take the role of Caos, a race of giants who serve the Gods and guide the hammers from the heavens in order to save the down-trodden people of your land from utter disaster. Titans are hovering over delapated buildings and depressed citizens, who only believe that if they survive to the next day, then it shall only be a matter of time before all is lost.


As a member of the Caos order, you will choose to worship one of the three deity's, the godess of darkness, the god of light, or the coercisive lord of the void. In the land of Ascend, you will engage in a perilous journey filled with an array of customization, upgradable weapons, and rewards that will help you unlock the secret of how to defeat the immortal Titans.


Gamers will also have the choice to play alone or over Xbox LIVE, as many other champions trying to save Ascend will be playing a parallel journey in a world identical to yours. Players will also have the choice of either helping a fellow member of Caos or hindering their progress, leaving a possibility for many different personal choices to be made.

Worried that maybe someone may strike your world while you are away from your console? Fear not, as gamers will also be able to level up, aquire items and wage war directly from the mobile version and then transfer the data directly to the Xbox.

Ascend: New Gods will be available sometime in 2013. Who will be the god you fight for in order to become Ascends new champion of the people?