Free Mass Effect 2 DLC Available

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
When you load up Feburary 9th, the ever watching and well connected Cerberus Network will have some new goodies for you to download. These two new items should help those deeply entrenched and battling against those pesky Collectors. Let them know you carry a new punch, and some intentions to use those heavy weapons.

Straight from Bioware:
Cerberus Assault Armor
Cerberus assault armor is designed for shock troops, turn the tide of battle against creatures or forces that would decimate normal soldiers.
Increases heavy weapon ammo capacity by +10%
Increases shields by +10%
Increases health by +10%

M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun
The M-22a Eviscerator Shotgun is a longer-range shotgun with armor-piercing loads. This design also violates several intergalactic weapons treaties, so the M-22a is not distributed to militaries.
Keep the items flowing, Bioware!