Fuse Overloads with Intel, Screenshots and Trailer

By SgtDigglesworth,
Insomniac Games new title, originally announced as Overstrike back in June of 2011, will be pacifying resistance under a new name, Fuse.

This volatile brush with an alien energy source and the CIA, will have four players together in a co-op environment, in order to stop the technology from being used by "Raven", a paramillitary organization who want to use "fuse" for the planned event of world domination. The game will be able to be played with either four, player controlled teammates, or single-player, which in turn will still allow gamers to experience all of the wonderous attributes and mechanics these special operatives have at their disposal.


Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac, stated in an interview for CVG:
Fuse demonstrates what Insomniac does best: outlandish and gruesome weapons design, over-the-top action and a touch of humor. We're especially excited to see how players utilize lethal teamwork by combining their Fuse weapons to stop a deadly arms race.

Price continued:
This is a personal issue for me, because I really like playing games with high-impact weapons". "Where you feel like you've done a lot of damage, and you've ruined that enemy's day, and we weren't doing that with the weapons we had before. Even though in the video they looked cool, they weren't turning people on here and they weren't turning people on that we had come in and play the game." When the team made the change to center on fuse and its offensive potential (rather than what were essentially just four support abilities), "it was like a breath of fresh air around here, because we finally got to let loose and experiment, go much further
Players will use what is known as a "leap' feature that will allow gamers to bounce from operative to operative in order to fully utilise each individual operatives weapon sets and special characteristics. Once the teammates have aquired enough "fuse" (the alien energy source) gamers can then jump into "fusion mode" which will increase abilities and allow multiple power strikes and give each teammate infinite ammo.



Now that we have established an idea of what gamers can expect, let's get familiar with the elite operatives who are apart of Overstrike 9.

Dalton Brooks:
Dalton uses the "Magshieild", a device that combines fuse and ferofluid which is a material made up of magnets. The highly durable shield can block enemy fire, absorb it, and then fire it back out into the firefight.

In an interview with Joystiq, Brian Allgeier, had this to say in regards to Dalton's abilities:
He ended up working for Raven and he had an old flame he used to work with called Mei Lin Mao, and he was kind of staying there for all the wrong reasons. He needed to break away, to the point where essentially he appeared to be killed, and he managed to move over to Overstrike 9
Jacob Kimble:

This ex-LAPD officer uses a specialized cross-bow called the Arcshot. Combining fuse elements and upgradable to a one-shot weapon, the Arcshot also has a secondary fire-mode that uses both fuse and liquid mercury to deal damage to the point of melting enemies.

Allegeir expands on Jacob's abilities and story further:
Jacob's history is as an LAPD detective, and he always felt that the ends justified the means. All of these characters have pasts probably past due on catching up with them, but Jacob's specifically seems the most volatile...His role on the battlefield is to keep distance between him and the enemy
Naya Devereaux:
She is a thief of the night and a very powerful teammate whos weapon of choice is the, Warp Rifle. Combine her cloaking skills with the power of human created anti-matter, and she is a no-holds-barred girl prepared to dispose of enemies.

Izzy Sinclair:
Izzy is the technical prowess of the group and is who everyone in Overstrike 9 looks for in the time of healing. Not only is she a technical wizard of sorts, but she also packs the shatter gun which uses Black Melanite to dispose of unwanted foes.

How about we see what Overstrike 9 can do?

You can venture through the global landscape in search of Raven when Fuse releases in March 2013.

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