Deadpool Interviewed at Comic-Con

By Chewie, 6 years ago
I can't decide whether or not Ryan Penagos is a lucky man to have a friend in an insane, sociopathic, unpredictable, fourth-wall breaking, superhero/villain. Regardless, the Marvel Digital Media Group's Executive Editorial Director brought along his buddy, Deadpool, to this year's International Comic-Con to talk about his upcoming game, Deadpool (Xbox 360). Strangely enough, Ryan Penagos's mouthful of a job-title was not discussed.

Titbits from the interview include: Deadpool claims that the reason that the game is being made now, is because technology has finally caught up with his awesomeness; the best weapon in the game, and the 'Merc with a Mouth's' favourite, is - unsurprisingly - his mouth; Deadpool demanded that developers, High Moon Studios, ramp up the levels of awesomeness in the game to a ridiculous degree.

Not much else concrete about the game can be gleaned from the interview, but it does give you a clear sense of the psychotic, dark humour to expect from the title.

Deadpool will be released sometime in 2013. Check out what we know about the game so far here and the game's official website here
Written by Chewie
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