PSA: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Achievement

By DavieMarshall,
Today we have a fairly important PSA for those of you with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway on your Gamercard. September 17th is the only day this year you can bag the following achievement:

Brothers in Arms: Hell's HighwayRemember September '44The Remember September '44 achievement in Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway worth 102 pointsWhile connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th.

Don't be fooled otherwise. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE in order to unlock this one, so that means no clock or date manipulation will work. If you miss this today it's a 365 day wait until you can try to unlock it again.

If you're going to be away from your Xbox, there is one thing you can try however as Catatonic Nali points out in his excellent solution for this achievement:

You may not be able to change the date but you can change your Time Zone (System Settings > Console Settings > Clock > Time Zone) which will give you a total of 26 extra hours in which the achievement can be unlocked. These extra 26 hours will be spread out across the 16th and the 18th depending on where you actually live.

For example if you live in London (GMT+0) you could change the Time Zone to "GMT+14 Kiribati" which would automatically put your console's clock forwards 14 hours making it possible to unlock the achievement any time after 10am on 16th September in London time. Similarly you could change the Time Zone to "GMT-12 Tokelau" which would put the clock back 12 hours giving you until noon on the 18th September before the achievement became unobtainable.

Although the amount of extra time split between the 16th and 18th will vary depending on your home time zone the window for unlocking the achievement will always be a total of 50 hours long which could make all the difference
You don't have to do anything other than load the game up and you should see the achievement unlock upon hitting the main menu, if not before. Thank you to the many members of the community who sent this reminder in to us.

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