Far Cry 3: GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Trailer

By Kendrene, 6 years ago
Seems like there is something nasty going on with island vacations. I remember the good ol' times when all you did was sunbathe, sip a cocktail and generally be lazy. Now you spend your time running away from evil looking things and fearing for your life. As a result I changed my vacation plans: next year I am leaving psycopaths, exploding monkeys and zombies behind and going to the mountains. Worst case scenario, I'll be devoured by a Yeti.

I am pretty sure the only thing that caught your eye in the first paragraph was the "exploding monkeys" part. A while ago, we detailed the pre-order bonuses for island-set shooter Far Cry 3.

In this trailer you meet Hurk, an exclusive quest-giver that straps monkeys with explosives and sends them to blow-up his enemies. This pre-order bonus is a GameStop exclusive and includes four bonus missions and two multiplayer humiliations with Hurk and his monkeys.

I wonder if the monkey humiliations involve throwing poo.

Far Cry 3 will be available on November 29th in North America and December 4th in Europe. If you pre-order now, you might still be able to score the insane edition.
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