Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures Announced

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Biart Company is planning on taking gamers to the depths of ocean floors and are encouraging them to tap into their inner Jacques Cousteau with their upcoming Kinect release, Depth Hunter: Deep Water Adventures.

After obtaining a large amount of positive feedback from their release of Depth Hunter, Biart Company will be showcasing their new engine biEngine 2.0. Take on the role of a professional treasure hunter in the form of a deep sea diver and relinquish the buried secrets found within the ocean, lost cities and shipwrecks.

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Gamers will start as a rookie diver with a desire to uncover the oceans lost treasures,and will be equipped with the most basic of diving gear. Earn money by completing tasks and then in-turn spend that hard earned loot on various upgrades to your equipment. Not only can gamers upgrade equipment by successful finds, gamers can also use experience points to increase stamina, health, accuracy and agility.

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Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company, had this to say in regards to their new title:.
After the first part of the game had been released, we studied feedback from our customers to make the sequel decent. Now players have diving equipment and can dive in unique parts of the world. We don’t implement complicated control system and try to make it work smoothly on mobile devices. At the moment we have finished the project’s pre-production and are negotiating with potential publishers. I am sure that gamers and 20 mln PADI divers around the world will love Depth Hunter 2
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Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures does not have an official release date as of yet, however we will keep all the aspiring deep sea treasure hunters in the know, when more information surrounding this Kinect title surfaces.